Woman’s Work in South Goa

It’s been difficult to post from South Goa. Unlike other parts of India, there’s no great obsession with internet cafes. After a while, it’s all too easy just to ‘chill’ and let the world drift by. That’s if you’re a visitor…

If you live there, you might be making your living in a fish market, as the daily catch comes in; or cleaning rubbish off the beach all day long; or transporting stuff along the shoreline in the blazing sun. But if you’re really unlucky, you could be keeping a steam roller cool, so that it can roll tarmac on a suffocating day in the town of Madgaon.

On the other hand, you may be roaring post-menopausally along the road on your own motorbike. I like to think so! Beats wearing red knickers and trailing your stick along the railings, or whatever the poet said.

Fish market woman

Fish market, Colva

Beach cleaners, Palolem

Beach cleaners, Palolem


Woman on a mission, Varca

Keeping the steam roller cool


Construction labourer, Madgaon

Way ahead woman

Hell’s grandma? Colva


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