Degsie’s All-time Runners

Degsie is a cat who has a major impact in every household where he takes up residence. Hell-bent on serving his own interests, the chain of events he instigates quickly causes other people’s lives to unravel. The story provides an insight into some of the shortcomings of ‘Care in the Community’.

What people have said about Degsie

‘Darkly comic and lightly serious. Brilliant!’ – Camilla Z Nightingale, writer.

‘An unusual and captivating story, with subtle humour and a realistic atmosphere.’ – Peter Lavender, Senior Research Fellow, NIACE

A sobering and fascinating treatment on the themes of mutual understanding and survival in an indifferent world. I’ll be thinking about it for some time, and I’m glad I’ve read it.’ – James A. Murray

First appeared on the website of ‘The Feathered Flounder,’ Arizona, USA 2011.