What people have said about her work: 

‘Strong characterisation, various shades of humour and especially the skilful and unexpected endings make “The Map of Bihar” an impressive debut collection.‘  Brian Maye, Irish Times

‘The qualities in her writing that stand out are her ear for dialogue; her eye for the Thurberesque; her sympathy for the common woman and man, and her lack of sentimentality.’   Alison Burns, literary consultant and former director of the postgraduate Certificate course in Novel Writing, City University, London.

‘A poignant and powerful piece. I can’t admire it enough.’   Samia Mehraj, fiction editor, Bombay Review.

‘I laughed so much, I spat my tea out.’  Cynthia Klein, artist and educational consultant.

‘Morbidly memorable,’ Michael Caines – Brixton Review of Books.

It was a genuine delight to read your masterfully written manuscript. There are dozens of delights in your writing, from single words, to fabulous sentences, to spot-on images. In other words: Bravissimo.’  Paul Soderberg, Editor, ‘The Feathered Flounder’, Arizona.

Dark, bleak and funny.’ David Ewens, author, the Frank Sterling Quartet.

‘A beautifully written story with much emotional resonance.’  Ida Lichter, journalist and author of Muslim Women Reformers.