‘Black Boy Winning’ premiere

To mark 150 years of Durham Miners’ Gala, the film of ‘Black Boy Winning’, with Susan Jameson and James Bolam as the narrators, goes live on the Durham Miners’ Gala website. Set in a pit village in the North East of England, the story focuses on the lives of a coal miner, Ned, and his young son, Joe. Both long for freedom: Ned from his life underground, and Joe, from his father’s anger. The chances of either of them fulfilling their dream seem remote. Until events take a drastic turn… Watch here. (Illustration courtesy Norman Cornish estate):



Samyukta publishes ‘Hot Cakes’

The gloriously illustrated literary journal, Samyukta, ed. Anupama Mohan, publishes ‘Hot Cakes’ in its inaugural edition.

The story concerns Pooja, a girl who occupies the lowliest role in her family’s pecking order. But even Prime Minister Modi has a hand in her fate.  Follow the link for a free read:




Fish Shortlist for ‘Neelam’s Wedding’

My story ‘Neelam’s Wedding’  has been shortlisted in the Fish short story competition 20/21. Brusque Glaswegian Asian, Dean, arrives in Delhi to be best man at his friend’s wedding. He’s received by the straight-laced Vinod, an officer in the Indian Army. The pair quickly get on the wrong side of each other, and Vinod, for reasons of his own, decides to torpedo the wedding. Just how does he do it?

Signed with Fly on the Wall Press!

Just signed the contract with the enthusiastic and energetic publisher ‘Fly on the Wall’ for my next collection of short stories, ‘The House with Two Letter-Boxes’. All the stories in this collection are set in the North East of England and they are not, repeat not, middle-class. Expect a world you can recognise, and a language you are familiar with (depending on your origins). Publication date end of next year.