The London Short Story Festival 2015, Sunday – the last hurrah!

What a tremendous week-end! There must be something in this summer solstice business. First of all, it’s the first International Yoga day today, so many goings on and much interest there. (Git on down, Mr. Modi!) Then I attended a thought-provoking workshop with Toby Litt today, on the difference between tales and stories, and another cracking one last night with D W Wilson about how to ‘intensify’ one’s prose. I have come away with much to think about (and not always what the workshop leaders may have intended, either). Paul McVeigh’s strategy of inviting overseas writers who are not so well known to us here really paid off and means that I’ve had to truck home even more books to sit on the landing. This was an extremely stimulating event this year, and I’m grateful to Spread the Word for organising it.