Pigeons are Worth a Fortune in Fiction

A Belgian racing pigeon sold for £260,000 this week. There’s a lot more to pigeons than meets the eye. If you would like to read about pigeons in fiction, try my story ‘Internet Explorer’, where they play a significant role.

‘Internet Explorer’ appears in the anthology ‘Ways of Falling’, available from Earlyworks Press


fantail pigeons 2


I do most of my work away from the piano…

So said Benjamin Britten. Yeah, me too. No by, with or from the piano. Or the laptop, for that matter.

I’ve come back from India with two stories well-fermented: one has been brewing a long time, the other is a direct outcome of this break. Yep, that’s me walking – er – working there on the beach at Varca and again, behind the camera, pondering the palms in Patnem. Ye cannae whack it!


Me on Benaulim beach 2

Benaulim beach

Patnem beach