Political Events Have Taken a Turn

In Scotland’s capital city, Lyndsey is at an emotional low, as she struggles to keep her relationship with her dissolute boyfriend, Den, going. The something happens that has the potential to change their lives. Meanwhile, round the corner, events that have significance for the nation are unfolding. What connection might there be between these events? This story appears in the anthology, ‘The Sorcery of Smog’, published by Earlyworks Press.

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A look-out sits guarding the beach in a resort on Goa’s extensive and idyllic coastline. The contrast between the affluence of the unruly and self-indulgent tourists and his own impoverished situation begins to make itself felt.  To divert himself, he plays computer games on his cell phone. As the heat rises, events begin to spiral out of control, until he is faced with a difficult moral choice he cannot avoid.

Miss Mango Slice.
Aum sutra!

This story appears online in three Indian literary journals: Out of Print literary magazine, the Indian Review and Joao Roque. You can find it here. This is a free read!


The Wrong Question

People from all over the world are gathering at an ashram in India to celebrate the birthday of their elderly guru. Each one is seeks some great transformative experience, which they hope the guru can endow. But the guru is having problems of his own. This story was first published in the Bombay Review. This is a free read!

The Menace at the Gate

It’s the 1980s. Punjab, India. Tensions are running high. Not just because of the impending monsoon, but because of the escalating unrest between Sikhs and Hindus. Meanwhile, teenager Anju, cooped up in her parents’ house and desperate for escape, has her own preoccupations…

Online publication in the ‘Bombay Literary Magazine’. This is a free read!


The Work of Lesser-Known Artists

This story was a runner-up in the London Short Story competition 2014. It’s set in a major, publicly-funded gallery, and features the hard-pressed Patti who finds that her job as a gallery attendant falls far short of what she hoped it would be. Eventually, as tensions rise, Patti finds she has to take matters into her own hands. Published by Flight Press and available from Amazon.

One for the Off

A short and violent response to a visual image provided by ‘Visual Verse’. It’s an idyllic summer’s day out in the countryside. But someone is busy in the cornfields, intent on a plan that is less than wholesome. What are they up to??

The Map of Bihar (USA edition)

A poor vegetable seller is minding his shop when a mysterious dog turns up on his doorstep, setting off a train of events that requires decisive action. ‘The Map of Bihar’ deals with poverty and passion. It appears in the anthology Best New Writing 2013, and was nominated for the Eric Hoffer prize for prose 2012. To get your copy, click on the external link.

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Best New Writing 2013, Hopewell Publications October 2012