‘A Trowel and a Trike’ – Suffragette Stories

‘A Trowel and Trike’ has been accepted by Norfolk Library Service to form part of its project to mark the work of the suffragettes in securing the vote for women in the UK. It will be published online on 4th July 2019. The story makes reference to the work of Mary Phillips who was organiser of the Newcastle WSPU for several years from 1909. She died in 1969, having spent a lifetime as an activist agitating for women’s rights.

‘The Wrong Question’ is finally answered in India.

My short story, ‘The Wrong Question’, has been accepted for online publication by ‘The Bombay Review’. The story concerns the efforts of an elderly guru to achieve enlightenment. The exact words of Samia Mehraj, the fiction editor, were: ‘A poignant and powerful piece. I can’t admire it enough.’. Thrilled! The story is scheduled to appear round about the end of February.


The tale about a day in the life of Satish, a lifeguard on one of Goa’s extensive beaches finds a home with OutofPrint online literary journal, Mumbai. Hurray!