Janet was born and grew up in the North East of England in a time of soot, formica, and winkle pickers; when it was actually compulsory to smoke on buses and packets of crsips used to have blue twists of salt inside them.

Her education was something she can’t talk about without getting variously annoyed, upset and outraged.

She spent many years oscillating between Scotland, where she felt more comfortable culturally and politically, and the South East of England where there were better employment opportunities. She now lives in London.

She worked for many years in post-16 education as a practitioner, manager, trainer, inspector and consultant, but has always felt compelled to write. Now, writing is her top priority, and she has just completed her first anthology of short fiction.

She has travelled widely in India, and is a long-standing practitioner of yoga. She advocates on behalf of women’s rights worldwide via the international development organisation ‘Womankind Worldwide’. (See ‘Charity’ page.)

Opposite, you can see ‘Sky Over (what was) Lambton Coke Works’, ‘Invasion of the Hogweed’, ‘Durham – Sunderland Railway (as was)’, ‘Wear Floods, July 2009’.